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Inclusion – since 2012 the word inclusion transforms into a frequently discussed subject in the media. Inclusion is now an important topic for society and not only because of the 2008 UN convention for the rights for the disabled. Moreover it works as a postulate for a change of how we think about each other and a change in social behavior that goes on beneath the surface. That takes time and GOLD – YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK is part of this transformation. In Mai 2009 and encouraged by a long term relationship with the “German Social Accident Insurance” (with over 70 million insured employees in Germany) the producers of Parapictures Film Production Andreas F. Schneider and Hendrik Flügge started developing the idea about a movie documentary about sports and rehabilitation. Following a statement made by Nelson Mandela, the two producers wanted to show how sport can change the world and that that does not exclusively apply to soccer. That the movie should portrait the lives of Athletes going to the Paralympics was clear from the beginning. “We wanted to explain – even for people who don’t know anything about Paralympic sports – the meaning and importance of sport for handicapped people.” Probably anybody can understand that winning the Gold medal at the Olympics is just as important as winning the Gold medal at the Paralympics.

They were looking for stories and personalities that would fit such a demanding film project and soon discovered three Athletes with completely different backgrounds who inspired them with their stories and achievements: They have known Kirsten Bruhn, who is in a wheel chair after an accident at the Age of 21, for quite some time. They had also done film clips and interviews with the blind Marathon runner Henry Wanyoike from Kenya and Australian wheel chair racer Kurt Fearnley. They began developing the idea of working with those three, screened material in the archives, visited them numerous times to talk to them about the idea for the movie GOLD – YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK. In this movie they wanted to show the world, what you can achieve if you don’t lose faith in yourself. All three were excited to be part of the movie and the work began.

Shooting started in summer 2011 in Schleswig-Holstein where Kirsten Bruhn lived. The following fall the team went to Australia to film with Kurt Fearnley and in February 2012 Henry Wanyoike was portrayed at his house that he lives in since his childhood. The lives of these three were combined during the Paralympics in London 2012. From August 29 to September 9 London hosted an event where 4,452 Athletes from 164 nations competed for their own Paralympic moment. The largest number of athletes ever to compete at the Paralympics.

Michael Hammon who has won the Grimme Preis a few times and and who was responsible for the camera at Pepe Danquarts HÖLLENTOUR took on the responsibility of being the Director. He was able to win Marcus Winterbauer as DOP who was in charge for RHYTHM IS IT and FULL METAL VILLAGE. Both knew from the beginning that the production of GOLD – YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK would be a big challenge.

How to be at the right time in the right place with the right equipment to shoot the perfect pictures? What can you expect from these three Athletes who for the first time offer access to their private lives? The ongoing stretch of necessary technical preparation time and personal responsibility for the trusted privacy accompanied them throughout the shooting of the movie.

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GOLD - YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK is completely subtitled in German,
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